Live Streaming Monetization Platform Comparison

If you stream on Twitch or Youtube, then you must be familiar with how streamers monetize their content on these platforms. Paid subscriptions, donations in bits, and all kinds of real and cryptocurrencies, the Twitch partnership program, and what else? There are also advertising contracts from big brands, but these surely are available only for top streamers. Or are they?

In this article, we will take a look at a few automatic stream ads solutions to do a full-on comparison.


StreamHERO integrates non-intrusive banner ads into broadcasts and places call-to-action links into the chat. AdBlock and viewbot proof.

StreamHERO is a new livestream advertising platform that takes care of finding advertisers and selling them air time in your broadcasts. In order to start using it, you just need to register an account and add an ad widget to your stream. As soon as you do that, people watching your channel will start generating revenue. For example, with just 15 average viewers and 50 hours of streaming per month, it will generate you $45/month. 

Since it’s the brands that are interested in finding influencers for their campaigns, the platform doesn’t take any cut from what streamers make, leaving it to the big companies to pay for everything.

In addition to automatic ads, StreamHERO has a number of offers from selected brands that you can enable or disable. These can be displayed in a separate overlay with sponsored links automatically sent to your chat by a bot called Nightbot. If one of your viewers clicks on the link and completes the offer (e.g., purchases a game in an online store), you will receive a fixed reward or a percentage from the amount they spent as a bonus.

StreamHERO also features simple reports that will show you how many ads were displayed during a selected period of time, how many offers were opened by viewers, and how much income that generated for you.


Earn on your stream in a way that’s actually enjoyable for the viewers. Work with the brands you choose.

InStreamly is a platform with an approach similar to StreamHERO, although with a slight twist. Here, you need to select brands whose ads will be displayed on your stream from a list of available campaigns. After you apply for a campaign, you need to add a widget to your streaming software and add a bot moderator to your chat so that it can send ad links. 

Campaigns differ by their requirements. In some kinds, your goal is to merely achieve a certain number of views for the ad. In other types of campaigns, the reward is paid only for a certain number of clicks on the ad link in the chat.


The best-in-class influencer marketing solution reaching a variety of gamers worldwide.

Wehype is a big platform with a solid selection of campaigns from big advertisers. The only problem is that in order to use Wehype, you need to be a Twitch Partner or have at least 10K views on each of your Youtube videos. Also, Wehype does not allow streamers to select any ad campaigns themselves: they close a deal with an advertiser and then invite selected broadcasters via email right before the campaign starts.

Every campaign requires you to add a panel banner under your stream, and a specific chatbot message with a link to the advertised product. Some campaigns also include a custom stream overlay that you will need to add to your streaming software. After a campaign is finished, Wehype requires all participating streamers to submit their sponsored stream recordings for review and after that is done, they are finally able to pay the influencers.


Start monetizing your content no matter where you are in the world.

Like most stream monetization tools on this list, Loots gives you an opportunity to run live ads on your broadcast without being a Twitch partner. You’re able to choose whether your channel has any mature content, which supposedly will affect the selection of ads that will be shown on your streams.

The interface of the platform is not very easy to navigate and we weren’t able to find a FAQ that would answer questions like “What is the payout time?” or “What is the withdrawal minimum?” Also, no available ad campaigns were displayed on the dashboard so, overall, it’s hard to give a clear description of the platform.


Want to grow your audience while getting paid? Browse our available sponsorships and get hired in no time.

This platform is a lot like Wehype in that it takes care of choosing the ad campaigns for the streamer. You just need to confirm your participation in time so that you don’t get excluded from the list of approved streamers. Also, the platform requires streamers to submit their sponsored stream for review within 48 hours after the stream is finished. A couple of other important details: one, sponsored streams can only be conducted on a schedule that you approve with Powerspike prior to the actual broadcast.

Another important detail is that brands set minimal requirements for average viewership and streamer’s country/language, which makes it harder to find a suitable campaign if you’re a small streamer.

Opera Event

This platform is built very differently compared to the other entries on this list. The vendor provides a ready-to-use infrastructure for e-sports teams and agencies that work with streamers. Using Opera Event, they can manage streamers and monitor their income, add new campaigns, and set certain requirements for them to get completed.

When you register, you need to select an Event from a number of available e-sports organizations so that you can become a part of that team. Certain events require you to be a Twitch Affiliate in order to join. After you sign up for an event, you land on your custom team dashboard, which looks and feels a bit clunky compared to the rest of the products on our list.

The actual steps required to start earning money by showing ads on streams are not clear; it would be nice of the vendor to add some sort of an FAQ to the dashboard.

Comparison sheet

StreamHERO InStreamly Wehype Loots Powerspike Opera Event
Works with all streamers ✔️ ✔️ Only Twitch Partners and Youtube 10k+ ✔️ ✔️ Depends on the event
When you can withdraw Anytime Once a month Anytime No info No info No info
How long to wait for money transfer 3-5 working days Up to 10 working days 10-15 working days No info 30 working days No info
New campaigns assigned automatically ✔️ No info
Minimal withdrawal amount $30 €20 €30 No info No info No info
Free for streamers ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ No info ✔️ ✔️
Withdraw to PayPal

Bank transfer PayPal

Bank transfer

PayPal PayPal PayPal
Supports artificial stream delay ✔️
Referral program €30 for each referred user when they reach 4,000 ad views


Today, there are a few solutions that can provide Twitch and YouTube streamers with a source of passive income from showing sponsored ads on their streams. However, only a couple of them are truly suitable for streamers of any size: StreamHERO and InStreamly. All the other platforms are either limited to being used by big streamers who have Twitch Affiliate status, or have a very non-intuitive interface and unclear terms of use, which makes it very hard for new streamers to use.

Overall, a streaming monetization mechanism such as displaying ads in a stream overlay can be a good source of passive income, so don’t overlook such possibilities if you’d like to make some extra bucks without scaring off your viewers with aggressive marketing.