StreamHERO launches a new way to earn money for streamers

Attention, it’s not a drill. Today we are launching a completely new tool for streamers on our platform. It is the answer to the question: “How to make a profitable business out of my hobby?”

Don’t worry, you don’t need to have a freakishly large number of subscribers. Only love towards what you do, and a little daring desire for more.

Until now our platform allowed users to use automatic ads. The flow was fairly simple and straightforward: you sign up, link your account with your Twitch channel, grab the overlay, and rush forward to earn money when the stream is on. The widget does its thing, the money keeps coming in.

Today we’re excited to present you the Offers.

Now you can choose your own advertising offers and integrate them into your stream! There is no limit to “So how many offers are maximum that I can take?“. Moreover, in your personal account, you can use filters, and accept only the offers you are interested in.

The Dashboard and its statistics will showcase which advertisers work best for your audience, so you can always adjust what’s best for you, either add or cancel an offer.

We will guide you on how to work with the Offers and provide you with tips and recommendations on how to increase your earnings. A series of short videos “How to” is coming soon, so stay tuned.

It is important for us to learn about your impressions from working with our platform so that we can quickly and efficiently improve things. Share your thoughts in our Discord, or in the live chat on our website.

Now let’s get you started. Register on StreamHERO, go to the Offers section, read the tips, and start earning money right now!