How to customize the StreamHERO widget in OBS Studio.

Step 1.

Open OBS studio and find the sources box. Click on the + and add the source from the browser. In the pop-up window, name your source and click “OK”.

Step 2.

Go to your personal account on the StreamHERO website in the “settings” section, and copy your widget link.

Step 3.

Go back to OBS Studio and go to the settings of the layer you just created. Paste the link to the widget there, and set the overlay settings.

Here's what to look out for.

  1. Width - 1920.
  2. Height - 1080.
  3. Check the box "Use custom frame rate"
  4. Check the box "Refresh browser when scene becomes active"
  5. Check the box "Disable source when not visible"

Your settings window should look like this.

 When you are done with the settings, click “OK” and proceed to the final step.

Step 4.

After setting up the widget correctly, wait for the test banner to appear. After it appears, you can start streaming. It will disappear as soon as your widget is confirmed during the broadcast, after which an ad from StreamHERO will appear.