How to earn on StreamHERO

StreamHERO is an advertising platform that allows you to monetize live streams. Simply put, it helps you make money by advertising games, apps, or goodies to your audiences while you stream.

Your profits on StreamHERO depend on four things: the audience, the length of your stream, the game you play, and the advertising model you choose.

  • The audience: The more people drop by, the better. Your success will depend both on the number of viewers and their engagement: if your followers are active and click on the banners, you’ll get more ad slots in the future.
  • Live time: The more you stream, the more times the ad is displayed, the more money you make.
  • The game: You will earn on your stream if you choose a game with active ad campaigns. Top wanted games among advertisers are Counter-Strike, Dota 2, League of Legends, and AAA game titles.

What advertising model is there?

What advertising model is there?

Our advertisers are actually paying for the number of views of an ad

💰 So you will get money depending on how many viewers do you have and how many AD integrations there will be.

How can I earn on CPM ads?

StreamHERO CPM ads are the banners displayed on the screen during a stream and followed by a link in the chat. You can choose how often to show and where to place them:

This is what StreamHERO CPM banners look like on Twitch

To calculate your CPM payout, we’ll need to know the number of impressions:
Impressions = Ad duration (min) x Ad audience (people)

Then, we’ll charge the advertiser for that number of impressions using this formula:
Total ad cost = (Impressions x CPM rate) / 1000
The CPM rate depends on the ad category, language, and game played.

Your payout is a percentage of the total ad cost:
Streamer payout = Total ad cost x Payout rate

This calculation will take place for each gameplay or stream you run. StreamHERO displays stats on the Automated Widget tab of the dashboard:

CPM ad stats are displayed on the Automated Widget tab of the StreamHERO dashboard

Here you can choose different time periods (week, month, year) and see how much you earned from each stream or game:

CPM stats on the main dashboard show the amount of impressions and clicks, live time and earnings per game

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If you couldn’t find an answer to your question, contact us via live chat or support@streamhero.com.