How to set up StreamHERO bots

StreamHERO uses bots to pass advertiser’s offers into the chat during the stream. We used to connect NightBot — a special service for automated posting to the chat, prize drawing, etc.

Now we have great news — we developed our own bots which are much more safe and convenient for you. 

We have two chat bots:

  • StreamHERO Erik is a main bot for posting links into the chat. 
  • StreamHERO Gloria is a reserve bot. It will post links to the chat, if Erik is overloaded.

Attention! If you do not connect chat bots, you won’t be able to show ads by StreamHERO!

How to change settings from Night Bot to StreamHERO bots

  1. Login to StreamHERO
  2. You will see informing message on dashboard

Go to settings and find the “Chat bots'' section.

Bots are not connected. You have to connect the bots. 

Login to Twitch if necessary.

Copy and paste into the chat window command “/mod streamhero_erik ” to add the main StreamHERO bot Erik to your account. Press OK and if you see the message like on the screen below, everything is fine and set up.

The second step is to connect StreamHERO bot Gloria. Just post “/mod streamhero_gloria” to the chat.

Go to settings to check that everything is working correctly. 


I see the message “You do not have permission to perform that action” 

If you see the message “You do not have permission to perform that action” — that means, that you logged in Twitch from another account, not the one, which is connected and verified on the account you are currently setting up chat bots. Login into the Twitch account connected with this StreamHERO account.