How to use StreamHERO dashboards and analytics

CPM analytics on the Automated widget tab

Toggle button to launch or stop CPM ad campaigns

The first thing you see on the Automated widget tab is a toggle button to control your CPM ads. Ads of this type run automatically, and you can turn them on or off here.

There is also a Copy Overlay URL button to activate your ads quickly on OBS or other streaming software. The ads will start with the current settings.

👉 How to set up CPM ads

In the analytics section, you can find your stats for the last week, month, or year, and choose a date range. The bar graph shows the amount of payouts by date:

The graph shows your payouts by date

Below the graph you will find a table with detailed stats:

The Games column shows the game you played. If you play two games on the same day, then two lines will appear.

Live time shows the length of the stream. In the table above, on the 26th the streamer was live for 7 hours and 25 minutes.

Impressions measures the number of times the ad was displayed on the viewers’ screens. This number is calculated by multiplying the live time by the number of viewers at the moment of display.

Clicks shows how many times your fans hit the link in the chat. The more they do, the better: streamers with active followers get more ad slots.

Confirmed slots shows your ads’ quality. To qualify for a payout, an ad should be a) displayed and b) visible. Advertisers check the ads they booked. If everything is fine, your slots will be confirmed and paid for.

💡 StreamHERO uses computer vision to make sure your audience see the ads. When you go live, our technology spots the banner, makes a recording, and passes a proof to the advertiser. That’s why you shouldn’t place one banner on top of another or drag it away from the visible part of the screen: such ads won’t be confirmed, and you won’t get paid.

Money shows your payout for each game. We charge the advertiser for the total number of impressions and reward you with a commission that depends on the payout rate.

If you couldn’t find an answer to your question, contact us via live chat or support@streamhero.com.