How to use the StreamHERO referral program

What is a referral program?

The StreamHERO platform offers you the opportunity to use our new feature, with which you can earn money yourself and help your friends start earning. The referral program is an additional way of cooperation between streamers and StreamHERO.

You just need to share your referral link with someone, and when they will start using our platform by clicking on your link, you will start receiving payments. 

How to use the referral program?

Getting started is incredibly easy and only takes a couple of steps.

1. Get your referral link.

In order to get your unique link that your referrals will follow, go to our website and then follow the chain (Account settings >> Referral link.)

On the page that appears, you will see a bar containing your referral link. You can copy it and share it with someone who might be interested in our services.

2. What should my referral do?

At the moment, we have noted three actions that a referral can perform in order for you to receive bonuses.

  1. Sign up to StreamHERO with Twitch and Nightbot authorization.
  2. Widget confirmation on your stream.
  3. 1000 banner impressions.

For each of these actions on the part of the referral, you will receive a cash bonus directly to your StreamHERO wallet!

How many referrals can I have?

You can invite unlimited people to join StreamHERO!

💡 If you have any difficulties using StreamHERO, please let us know — we will do our best to help you.